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Triple stroller half-marathon record broken in Montana

Missoula may be the triple-stroller half-marathon record-setting capital of the world

People in Missoula, Montana were astonished last year when Theresa Marie Pitts set the first Guinness world record for a woman running the half-marathon while pushing three kids in a stroller, but that record has been broken–first by Ashlee Eskelsen in Montgomery, Alabama this past March (her record is 1:47), and most recently this past Sunday, again at the Missoula Half-Marathon, by Cynthia Arnold of Polson, Montana. Arnold ran a blazing 1:29. Her record has yet to be verified by the Guinness organization.

Ashlee Eskelsen. Photo: Guinness World Records

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“I feel really good,” says Arnold, two days after her record-breaking run. “I can’t be as fast with the stroller, so I’m not as beat-up as I might be without it.” The 34-year-old mother of three is recognized as an accomplished runner in the area, having won the Governor’s Cup half-marathon in Helena, MT in 2016. Her result Sunday had her finishing 14th in the women’s division, and she was third in her age group (30-34). Her half-marathon PB (sans stroller) is 1:17. And her marathon PB is 2:48.

The stroller is a BeBeLove triple jogging stroller. Arnold says it’s currently sold out on Amazon. There are not many triples on the market.

Its passengers were Arnold’s children Marguerite, who is almost six, Simon (3) and Asha (10 months).


As for Theresa Marie Pitts, establishing the first world record for pushing a triple stroller in the half was apparently not quite enough of a challenge for her. One month later, she set a similar record for the full marathon, of 4:25. (It was her first marathon.) She did that a mere five months after giving birth to her eighth child.


Fun fact: a fully-occupied triple stroller weighs around 150 pounds.

Nobody had ever attempted such a record, so the Guinness organization set an arbitrary time of 4:30, which Pitts bested by five minutes.

Records, as we know, are made to be broken, and this one is no exception. The current record, set in March of this year, for a woman pushing a triple stroller in a full marathon is held by Ann Marie Cody of Modesto, California, and it stands at 4:06.



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