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Runners outraged over road race’s Facebook post

A New York state Turkey Trot is backtracking on a statement it made after posting a message to its Facebook page on Wednesday

Massapequa Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

The running community didn’t take kindly to a Massapequa Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Facebook post recently.

The Turkey Trot, a popular term for Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23, 2017 in the United States) races, happened in Massapequa, N.Y. The day before the event, they shared the following message as a type of race instructions to its social media page on Wednesday.

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“On occasions, we are asked, ‘where do I stand at the start of the race?’ Basically, we ask that better runners move to the front. Who are the better runners? The better runners are wearing a tank top that says ‘Runner’s Edge,’ and [are] looking at their watch. In addition, they are often skinny.

“You should stand towards the back if the following is true about you:


– You are wearing the shirt we gave you;
– You are wearing a sweatshirt with a hood;
– You purchased your sneakers at Kohl’s;
– You were eating a bagel before the race;
– You are capable of drinking water at the water stop because you have stopped to drink water at the water stop;
– You are hoping to finish in under one hour;
– When you have run in the past, you do so with a police escort, directly behind you;
– You have finished a race in the past and your mom is the only one left at the finish line.

Hope this helps.”

Immediately, Facebook users began commenting on the post, which the race, a 5K which raises money for cancer research, deleted. “Because the subject post is not representative of us or our race, we are deleting [it] from our page any and all re-posts,” the race explained in a comment.

Comments include: “This is just downright rude,” “I’m disgusted by this,” “How dare you shame those that may not live up to your standards,” and “That’s just plain rude! Not even remotely funny.”

The race posted an apology to its Facebook page on Nov. 22 saying “it was insensitive and inappropriate and we are deeply sorry for the hurt it caused.” There are more than 170 comments on the apology post, which can be seen below.

On behalf of the Massapequa Turkey Trot, please accept our sincere apology for a post earlier today regarding where to…

Posted by Massapequa Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot on Wednesday, November 22, 2017