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Melissa Bishop-Nriagu shuts down 2019 season

Bishop-Nriagu announced on Saturday morning that she has called her season due to injury

Melissa Bishop

Melissa Bishop-Nriagu announced Saturday morning on Instagram that she has decided to shut down her 2019 season. The runner had been looking to achieve the world standard, which is 2:00.60 for the women’s 800m. The qualification window closes for the 2019 World Championship today.

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The 800m specialist opened her 2019 season in May with a 1,500m personal best at the Johnny Loaring Classic in Windsor in a 4:09.36. She then went on to win the Guelph Inferno 800m in a 2:01.10, which also set a new meet record.

The Canadian record-holder wrote on Instagram that, “This isn’t the season I had planned on paper. A post pregnancy body isn’t the same as a pre pregnancy one. I made the tough call to end this season and get ready for #tokyo2020. My fitness is there, but the body structure changes and makes it increasingly difficult to stay in one piece. It makes me sad that I can’t perform and show the world the work we’ve done. It’s there, I promise. Don’t lose faith yet, I haven’t. Patience will be my biggest test.” The runner gave birth to her first child, Corinne, in July 2018.


Bishop-Nriagu is dealing with a small tear in her Achilles where the soleus and tendon meet. Her goal remains to qualify for the Olympics next year in Tokyo. The runner, who has an 800m personal best of 1:57.01, is one of the strongest middle distance athletes Canada has ever seen, and we can’t wait to see her healthy and back on the world stage next year.

The World Championship team will be announced by Athletics Canada on Monday.