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New video shows Kipchoge’s gym workouts

In Part 2 of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge documentary on Kipchoge's preparation for Vienna, his teammates speculate on the factors that will enable him to finally break the 2-hour barrier

In Part 2 of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge’s video about marathon world record-holder Eliud Kipchoge’s preparation for his sub-2 attempt in Vienna in October, entitled “Preparing to Create History,” released today, Kipchoge says, “I have a strong belief that I can do it. And when I have a strong belief in something, I will make sure that I accomplish it.” The video is a glimpse into Kipchoge’s mental and physical training, and offers insights into the NN Running Team’s preparation for the historic event.

The workouts appear pretty conventional, and include strengthening exercises using stability balls and resistance bands (starting at the 3:00 mark), such as crab-walks, reverse clamshells, and glute bridges. We also hear from Patrick Sang, Kipchoge’s enigmatic coach, describing the team’s training schedule, which includes a fartlek workout on Tuesday, a gym workout on Wednesday, a long run on Thursday, more gym sessions on Friday, and speedwork or fartlek on Saturday. Sunday and Monday are rest days, when athletes like Kipchoge go home to spend time with their families. Another star of Kipchoge’s group, Geoffrey Kamworor, who holds three world half-marathon titles and two world cross-country titles, comments on the group’s training and Kipchoge’s chances for success in Vienna (at the 5:26 mark).

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One interesting feature of INEOS 1:59, which Kipchoge’s teammates speculate could make a world of difference to the success of the attempt, is that fans will be allowed to cheer from the sidelines of the course in Vienna (go to the 9:24 mark in the video).