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Rachel Notley is running for re-election in Alberta (literally)

A recent Globe and Mail story on the Alberta premier credits running for giving her stamina on the campaign trail

Rachel Notley, who is currently fighting an election campaign for a second term as premier of Alberta, is a runner. (Her kids are runners, too. She even combines running with campaigning, as she did just this morning.) And regardless of what you may think of her politics, that makes her one of us.

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The Globe and Mail noted yesterday that though Alberta premier Rachel Notley’s popularity is high, her party’s is not. (The NDP won a majority in 2015 only seven months into Notley’s leadership, and she is the first NDP premier in the province’s history. But this being politics, things have changed since then.) But though her chances of being re-elected as premier when Albertans go to the polls next Tuesday may be slim, we can still enjoy relating to her as a fellow-runner.

Unlike some politicians who seem only to break out their runners for photo ops, Notley’s pretty committed. (Anyone who runs the Hypothermic Half in Edmonton in February, as Notley did in 2017, has to be.) A recent Globe and Mail story claims she credits her stamina on the campaign trail to her running, which makes sense to us. Another way you know she’s a committed runner is that, according to her campaign video (above), her best pals are her running pals.


Notley also, like most runners, has a great sense of humour. She cracks herself up when she realizes the irony in the fact that when she was a kid she had a horse named Jason, who she and her friends would take turns riding. (In case you don’t follow Alberta politics, her political opponent in the campaign is United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney.)

If the pundits are right, after Tuesday’s election Notley may be able to get back to training and racing with a little more frequency. And that’s never a bad thing.