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Team Canada Olympic uniforms that missed the mark

The 2021 Olympic gear pays homage to our country's denim roots, outfitting athletes in Canadian tuxedos

On Monday, Hudson’s Bay and Team Canada revealed their 202(1) Olympic collection. The collection includes a podium outfit, along with opening and closing ceremony looks. The opening ceremonies and podium gear are passable, but the closing ceremonies assemble misses the mark – it’s basically a graffitied “Canadian tuxedo.”

According to Hudson’s Bay, the 2021 uniforms were designed to reflect the fashion-forward nation of Japan while keeping it Canadian. This was achieved by outfitting athletes in exclusively Levi’s denim (what Canadian doesn’t love a good pair of Levi’s?) but adding some bling and Olympic references to the pieces. While you certainly won’t miss the Canadians as they walk out of the Games, we’re not sure it’ll be for the right reasons. This isn’t the first time that the COC (Canadian Olympic Committee) has missed the mark. Here’s a look back at other fashion blunders of Olympic proportion. 

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Beijing 2008


The Beijing uniform was a busy one. It had tons of patterns, tons of red and for some reason the men’s uniform included a capri-length pant. 

Barcelona 1992

This uniform has great moments and some troubling aspects. The cowboy hats are amazing, and the fanny packs are also killer – but purple, pink and yellow in one outfit is a lot going on at one time. 

London 2012

Of all the fabrics they could’ve chosen, they chose khaki. 

The best outfits of all time – Calgary 1988

These winter outfits are fantastic. The hats, the bright red, the fringe. Calgary, you were perfect.