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Are you a true dirtbag runner?

If several of these sound like you, you are a dirtbag

We’re all for the runner’s lifestyle but it has to be said: some runners have a knack for collecting real nasty habits. Distance running is a sweaty, bloody and sometimes even snotty hobby. Yes, we can be repulsive but for most of us this state is temporary. For others… not so much. Within the running community exists a sub group: The Dirtbag. This clan is known for taking things to peak nasty. Most of you know exactly who you are. For the unaware souls out there, here’s a list to review. 

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If several of the below statements sound like you, you know you’re a true dirtbag: 

1. Wipes are just as good as a shower.

2. Deodorant is optional.

3. You don’t see a big difference between dry shampoo and regular.

4. Did you run in fresh clothes today? Did you run in fresh clothes yesterday? 

5. The shower… did it happen?

6. You’ve used your blood blisters as a weapon to gross someone out before.  

7. You frequently brag about your poop.

8. The same person has seen you mid-poop more than once.

9. You don’t see a difference between gloves, sleeves and tissues.

10. You’re proud of your upchucks.

11. Your snot rocket skill is so good you wish you could put it on your resume.  

12. You show off your black toenails with pride. 

13. Your toenails are MIA, you wear flip-flops anyway. 

14. You went to bed unshowered… again. 

15. You used the safety pin from your bib to drain your blood blister in public and then put it back on. 

16. Airing out the feet on the car ride home is fine even when the car is full. 

17. Your guests can smell your shoes every time they come over. 

18. When you found out about the Mad Pooper, you had to check if it was you. 

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