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WATCH: David Rush breaks the 100m world record for joggling while blindfolded

Guinness set a minimum mark since the record was never attempted before

Photo by: david rush record

Move over Usain Bolt, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is David Rush. After training thousands of miles to attempt this world record, many of which he has spent juggling, on Nov. 17, he achieved his goal and broke the 100m blindfolded juggling record in 16.29 seconds.

Since no one has ever attempted this 100m record, Guinness had to set a minimum mark of 20 seconds.

David Rush joggles to 46K world record

The toughest part about completing the record? Staying in the lane. It took Rush 22 attempts on the day to complete the 100m. Rush has also run the world’s fastest mile while juggling blindfolded (7:54), but he did not have to stay in his lane for that distance.


Rush also holds the world record for the world’s fastest and slowest juggler (not running), and has the record for the most bowling balls juggled (3).

Canadian joggler Michal Kapral holds a few Guinness world records of his own, including the world record for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects (2:50:12), and the fastest 10K while juggling three objects (36:27). It would be interesting to see a faceoff against the two experienced runners, jugglers and world record holders over a five or 10K distance.

Michal Kapral completes 9-day, 147K joggling stage run

When asked about what inspired him for this record, Rush said: “What kid didn’t watch the Olympics growing up and dreaming of being the world’s fastest man?” He has now found a way to be the fastest man in the world, even if it is the most niche category out there.