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What running with an off-leash dog looks like on Strava

This Strava user got creative in putting an old GPS watch on his dog's collar and proceeding to map out a run with the canine.

Owner and canine taking slightly different paths throughout the course of the run.

The GPS-tracking application Strava has become a big hit over the past year and change allowing users to keep a tab on distance, pace, and plenty of other statistics.

The app also features a Flyby feature which allows users to track their runs as a mapped out timelapse.

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The latest one is pretty awesome.

Full timelapse

Just outside Arlington, Va., owner Keith tied an old GPS watch to Daisy’s collar and went for an 8.8-kilometre run at Scott’s Nature Reserve with the dog off-leash. The run took the two of them approximately 45 minutes.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the run was that Daisy covered approximately 1.7 kilometres more throughout the course of the run taking into account veering off-trail and backtracking. Daisy was running a rather blistering 4:02 per kilometre as well.

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As expected, the Strava data for Keith and the canine are quite different with several off-path tangents throughout the course of the run (squirrels, possibly?).

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Strava has become a big player in GPS-tracking, especially in cycling and running, with many users throughout Canada including some of the nation’s top runners using the app (Dylan Wykes, Rob Watson, Reid Coolsaet).

H/t: kcb203 via reddit.