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Will Smith runs a half-marathon in Havana

The U.S. actor found himself in the Havana Half-Marathon on Sunday, referring to the race as a "bucket-list" item

Canada’s Global News team was in Havana on Sunday for the Marabana Havana Marathon, where they caught up with American actor Will Smith, who ran the half-marathon distance. 

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“We’re here. We’re in Havana, Cuba for my bucket list, on three week’s notice,” Smith said. “I’m running a half-marathon. I’m excited. You know, the energy is ridiculous in this place…” 

Smith can be seen surrounded by cameras and waving to the crowd. His finishing time was 2:29:04. 

Smith has been seen running before, notably in the film I Am Legend, in which he and his dog run side by side on two treadmills. (Smith must save the world from a plague-like illness, which requires superior fitness.)

The race follows a looped course through the streets of the city, starting and finishing in Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A Canadian, John Richards, is listed as the age-group winner for 70+ in the full marathon, finishing with a time of 4:16:33.