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World Athletics has a new initiative to keep people active at home

Athletics@Home is designed to keep everyone, regardless of age, busy and active while they stay home

The track and field season has been put on hold due to COVID-19, but World Athletics is finding new ways to keep people entertained while they’re in quarantine with a new initiative called Athletics@Home. Athletics@Home is designed to keep people of all ages busy and fit until their lives can return to normal. The initiative will be presented on the World Athletics website and social media pages, and it will feature four themes: Kids, Active, Rewind and Unwind.


Quarantine is hard enough alone, but if you have children, there’s added pressure to keep every day interesting and fun. Luckily for all you parents out there, the Athletics@Home Kids section will provide you with plenty of tasks and ways to pass the time.

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The first activity for kids is a craft that has kids design their own spikes. Print the PDF on the website, have your kids colour the spikes however they like and then follow the instructions to create a pair of custom kicks. The Kids’ section will also include quizzes, interviews with track and field stars and many other activities that your kids will love.



Are you wanting to do an at-home workout but struggling to find exercises? Look no further, because Athletics@Home has got the routine for you. These exercises include classics like a plank, and some you might not know of like the farmer carry. Strength training is an integral part of every runner’s weekly routine, and you don’t need a gym to fit it in.

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If you’re looking for some entertainment and you’ve already exhausted your go-to shows on Netflix, the Athletics@Home Rewind section might give you something new and exciting to watch. Rewind takes viewers back to see track and field action from years past. Head over to the World Athletics YouTube channel to see what events you can rewatch.

Photo: Twitter/WorldAthletics


Finally, at the end of a long day of working out and entertaining your kids, you’re going to want to relax and unwind. The Unwind section of Athletics@Home features athletics-related books, movies that “every athletics fan should see” and music playlists picked by World Athletics stars. These are all perfect ways to chill out before getting to redo it all again tomorrow.