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The complete MEC trail video series

Watch and rewatch all the episodes in this five-part MEC Trail Video Series on all things trail running

Episode one sees RaceGuide editor and Canadian Running staff writer, Dan Way, joined by Nat Korol, a Salomon ambassador and avid trail runner. Together they introduce some of the basics of hitting the trails including just how accessible trail running can be, the many benefits it affords and why you should start right now.

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In the second episode, Canadian Running heads to MEC North York–the newest store in MEC’s nationwide co-op–to get equipped with essential trail running gear and apparel including proper trail running shoes, clothing for all conditions, hydration accessories and more.

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Trail running requires a unique combination of skills and technique. In episode three, we chat with MEC ambassador Jim Willet who helps break down the basics such as uphill and downhill running form, safety tips and lots more.

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In episode four, we catch up with Chris Chapman of MEC Ottawa who outlines how to plan and prepare for an all-day or multi-day trail adventure.

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In the fifth and final video of the series, we again chat with MEC Ottawa’s Chris Chapman who outlines all the major considerations for choosing, training and running a trail race.

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