Things you say that’ll get you rejected by a runner on Valentine’s Day


You got a runner to go out with you with you this Valentine’s Day. Congratulations! That’s great. Runners make for excellent V-Day dates (we like to think). So now that you get to date that runner who makes your heart throb, don’t mess it up. We’ve got your covered. Here’s what a runner’s lover should never say on a date:

1. “I find running boring”

What your date thinks: There goes 50 percent of what I was planning on talking about… This should go well. I hope you don’t find me boring too.

2. “Yeah I’m also a runner, I ran 4K this week.”

What your date thinks: Someone should tell you that you’re not actually a runner. I don’t want it to be me.

3. “I worked my way up to 5K once but stopped because I got injured.”

What your date thinks: Wait so you’re telling me that you ran FIVE kilometres ONE time?

4. “Did you get out for a jog today?”

What your date thinks: How dare you use that language with me.

5. “I don’t run during winter.”

What your date thinks: Fair weather runner= fair weather lover. Good-bye.

6. “I know you keep it healthy so I brought ginger ale instead of wine.”

What your date thinks: This is the worst date ever.

7. “Can you run 10K?”

What your date thinks: You play soccer right? Can you kick a ball?

8. “I know you mostly eat pasta so I made reservations at the Italian place.”

What your date thinks: I love pasta, thank-you for taking me out for dinner but there’s something you should know… I’m capable of eating other things.

9. “So you run long distance? I sprinted in high school.”

What your date thinks: We might be enemies.

10. “I thought I’d give you a foot massage later.”

What your date thinks: You will never see my feet and I just broke a cold sweat thinking about it.

11. “You’ve got a nice set of thunder thighs.”

What your date thinks: Get out of my house.

12. “Chocolate is kind of bad for you so I brought these chocolate-flavoured protein bars.”

What your date thinks: You’re kind of a nerd but this will do.