The Fontus Airo is still in its developmental stage but has received funding from the Austrian government

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The Fontus Airo self-filling bottle makes clean drinking water out of thin air and that’s not an exaggeration.

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The self-filling bottle produces approximately 500 ml in a single hour. The device collects moisture from the air, condenses it, and stores it as safe drinking water, according to the website.

The product is still in its developmental stage and is powered through the use of solar panels.

Photo: Fontus.

Past products, including an Australian irrigation system, have used similar technology but the Fontus Airo provides continuous drinking water on-demand and on-the-go.

This device is particularly handy if hiking in remote areas, running long distances with scarce accessibility to clean drinking water and also has potential to be used on a larger basis for communities without access to clean water.

The ideal climate is one of high humidity.

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According to the World Health Organization, there are 630 million people worldwide without access to clean drinking water.

Fontus also make a cycling-specific water bottle — the Ryde — which is useful for long bike tours without the need to map out nearby rest stations for hydration.

The product has received funding from the Austrian government and plans to release the device to the masses in March.

The full product video can be found below.

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