Gabe: Brooks documentary details track athlete Gabriele Grunewald’s battle with cancer

The runner is battling cancer for the fourth time and is still lacing up and enjoying her running

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Brooks has just recently released a documentary of interest for those in the running community. Gabe is a mini doc (just over 25 minutes long) that details track runner Gabriele Grunewald’s battle with cancer. 

This summer, Grunewald is in the midst of getting treated for her fourth round of cancer. She’s only 31 years old and continues to run. Until not too long ago, she was actually still running at the elite level. She ran earlier this summer at the U.S. outdoor championships in June. Then, Grunewald ran the 1,500m placing ninth in her heat and running 4:31.18. The support she received at the finish line was a scene to remember

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Grunewald was first diagnosed in 2009 when she was a student racing in the NCAA. She’s known in the sports world (and in the running community in specific) as being outspoken about her battle ever since then. Back in 2009, the news she received was that cystic carcinoma was present in her body. Then, she had a relapse where a tumor was found in her liver after she felt a strange pain in her abdomen. Grunewald had that removed. Seven months after the surgery, in March, smaller tumors were discovered. She continues to keep a positive attitude and stay physically active.

“Grunewald is cut from a different cloth,” reads a caption on the Brooks Running Instagram feed. “Now in the midst of her fourth battle with cancer, this star athlete shows no signs of giving up.”

The elite runner is from Minnesota and is getting treated at a medical facility in New York. She has been quite outspoken about her battle with cancer on social media and serves to inspire and encourage those on a similar journey.