Scanadu SCOUT - a scanner that keeps track of your health markers.
Scanadu SCOUT

This is for all of you runners who like to keep track of your health markers. The Scanadu SCOUT, a small pod that resembles the medical Tricorder tool in Star Trek, is set for launch in Q1 2014 and will analyze your vitals in just 10 seconds.

Scanadu recently announced three upgrades to the $150 device, including disposable urine analysis and a modified outer design that incorporates sensor technology used by NASA for its Mars Rover Curiosity.

By simply holding the SCOUT against your temple, the gadget will measure your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic), temperature, respiratory rate, ECG, stress and the amount of hemoglobin in your blood.

The company’s Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 ended up netting more than $1.6 million. The SCOUT has yet to be approved for use in Canada or by the U.S. FDA.

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