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VIDEO: Spectator offers pizza to runners at London Marathon

An interesting form of mid-race fuel for runners at the 2017 London Marathon.

Pizza London Marathon

In between aid stations at the 2017 London Marathon, one spectator offered up a rather interesting form of mid-race fuel: pizza.

During Sunday’s race, a team member from LADbible, a London-based media company, was on course giving away slices of Domino’s pizza. After about 10 seconds with no luck, one runner accepted after passing by and turning around. “You know you want it,” the spectator said while holding out a slice covered with pepperoni. Of course, the moment was captured on video.

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The LADbible video has more than 5 million views since it was posted on Sunday morning. A separate, shorter clip posted to Imgur has an additional 4.5 million views.


(Click here if the video doesn’t display correctly.)

Pizza may not be the most questionable option when considering what comedian Cousin Sal offered to runners at the Los Angeles Marathon. During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Sal is seen handing out crab legs, ham, crew socks and cotton candy.

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Offering pizza to London marathon runners

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