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Runners, this CollegeHumor video is mocking you and it’s hilarious

CollegeHumor, you win this one.

So… CollegeHumor wins at making fun of runners. We just stumbled across this video teasing runners and well, if you don’t laugh, you may be a little… dare we say it… uptight.

Called “If Runners Had Other Hobbies” the premise behind their joke is to talk as runners do, except apply it to other activities– namely lego building, knitting, gardening, and magic. (“I have this new app that tracks exactly when I’m gardening and then posts it immediately to Facebook. I mean it’s great. I’m so much more motivated to garden now that my friends know exactly when I’m gardening.”)

We have to give it to them: they kind of nailed it. The quick video makes runners look just a bit ridiculous, but then again, most of us already knew that. For those of you who loved our reasons to never ever date a runner, this is to the same vein. 

We give CollegeHumor heaps of respect for ability to accurately make fun of our audience. CollegeHumor, you win this one.

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