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What running would be like without fitness trackers

What would running be like without fitness trackers? This commercial offers a take on how you would track distance and share your runs.

In a funny take on what life would be like without fitness trackers and GPS devices, this Be An Engineer 30-second commercial shows how you would share your run with friends.

Exxon Mobil commercial
As part of the ‘Be An Engineer‘ initiative, ExxonMobil offers a funny take on what life might be like without fitness trackers, GPS watches, and the ability to share our runs on social media platforms like Strava and Facebook.

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In the video, Jamie gets a ‘like’ in the form of a neighbour’s approval after her 129-block training run.

The preferred way to track distance? Give a smaller sibling a piggy-back ride for the duration of the run so you can focus on training while he or she tracks distance and time.


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GPS tracking has become so common in running that users are beginning to map out unique routes in order to re-create shapes. The latest? Portland, Ore.-based runner Gene Lu running routes to create Star Wars portraits.