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I have been struggling to find the words to explain my feelings on something that I did last week. In plain terms, I joined a gym. This isn’t the first time I’ve joined a gym. Actually, I’ve joined several gyms over the course of my adult years. I’ve also cancelled these memberships in equal measure, slowly but surely.

It always starts out with good intentions, as gym memberships always do. I’ve enjoyed having the flexibility of participating in a variety of classes on various days of the week, at different times of day. If I choose, I can use the pool if the mood strikes me to go for a swim or to cool down after a long workout. I’ve enjoyed the fact that having a regularly active lifestyle often begets healthy eating habits which leads to feeling great all around. There’s also the fact that my gym membership fees go towards a non-profit organization which, in a sense, justifies my purchase. Even if I don’t go as regularly as I intend to, at least my monthly membership deduction is helping the community, right?

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With winter approaching, the weather is getting colder. The reality is that this is the hardest time of year to run outside when you will soon be fighting through snow, ice and sleet. I’ve concluded that if I’m going to continue on this path of running, I need to join a gym.

I decided to find a venue that would fit easily into my lifestyle. Right now, I’m often at different corners of the city several times per week while taking my kids to their various sports practices and fitness endeavors of their own. So it would make sense for me to join a gym that had facilities all around the city so that I could fit in a workout while they do the same.

I’m still trying to find the word that describes how I’m feeling about joining a gym. While I keep thinking that I’ve “resigned” myself to the fact that I need to join a gym, that doesn’t seem quite right either. I’m still working it out. Right now though, I’ve signed up so I’m committing to going. Maybe finding the right word will give me something to think about as I’m sweating it out on a treadmill on a dark weeknight evening, with the snow falling softly outside. 

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