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Maritime Race Weekend’s big secret is out!

You have 48 hours. Annnnnd go!

Maritime Race Trail
I’m thrilled to finally tell you my big secret! For the last year, I’ve been planning the expansion of Maritime Race Weekend – we are adding a triple race challenge called the Tartan Trio that includes a 15K trail route.

That’s right, we just got a trail race. 

Runners will be given three new choices for this year: a single Tidal Trail 15K, Tartan Twosome 5K + 15K and the Tartan Trio 5K, 10K + 15K. Only one-thousand participants can register to run the 15K route and 250 of these spots are reserved for the Tartan Trio.

The Tartan Trio will have special perks: you’ll earn extra bling and receive unique swag by running the 15K. (To be revealed soon…)

For the next 48 hours, runners already registered this year for Maritime Race Weekend will be given the exclusive opportunity to transfer their registrations to the 15K spots before anyone else. Consider it a loyalty perk for early-birds. On Sunday night at 6:00 p.m., the 15K registration will be open to everyone.


The Tidal Trail 15K will be on Saturday, September 16 at 3:00 p.m. in the beautiful Salt Marsh Trail. We will continue to have the Sunset 5K, Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon and Classic Marathon routes at Fisherman’s Cove on the same weekend.

Maritime Race Trail 2

The complete Tidal Trail 15K route will be revealed in the spring once the snow melts and it can be professionally measured. But for now, I can tell you that the flat picturesque causeway is definitely a large portion of this new route. By adding a meticulously groomed trail option, we’re giving runners the complete East Coast experience and the best salt-infused air Nova Scotia has to offer. Money raised from the Tidal Trail 15K will be given to the local trail association to maintain our favorite running oasis.