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Rob Watson, our man in Moscow – top 10 Worlds moments

Was that not the perfect ending? Friggen great man, in the last event of the entire championship the universe rights itself and the Canadians get that 4x100m hardware. I’m sure you all remember the heartbreak from the Olympics last year when the boys ran a legendary race, only to have it all taken away due to one misstep.

Coming in our 4x100m dudes were quite chill and low key, they were true professionals, just doing work and focusing on the task at hand. This was a tight group led by the Mens team capatain Justyn Warner. Finally after waiting around all week, the last day came and they were primed and ready to roll.

The Canadian 4x100m team.
The Canadian 4x100m team.

Heading into the 4x100m final Canada was sitting on four medals, tied for the most ever, was there room for maybe one more? Could these boys push us over the top? The stage was set.

The gun goes off, and with shades of Esmie, Gavin Smellie just takes the eff off! Perfect exchange to Dontae whom eats up the back stretch. The dudes are up against a deep and talented field, but they are stuck right in there. Dontae hands off to Aaron Brown, Brown owns the corner and hands off to Warner for the last leg. Canada is 5th when Warner gets the baton, but dude absolutely flies down the stretch! He catches Germany… closing on GB… he leans… 4th… 37.92. What more they could they have done? Beautiful race.

I was watching it all on TV from my room. I was still pretty wrecked from the marathon and lacked energy to trek to the stadium. They showed the replays of the race on the tele and I kinda started freaking out. Both the GB and the USA team had committed violations, one of them was bound to get DQ’d. I was screaming at no one in particular to protest! Somebody, anybody, Protest! It was a tense wait, but inevitably it was announced, GB DQ, Canada bronze! Sky punch!

What a great ending to a spectacular meet. Best performance ever by a Canadian team.

So that is that folks. Moscow 2013 is in the bag, cue Green Day’s Good Riddance.

Gonna leave ya with Rob’s list of his top 10 memories from Moscow 2013.

10. Getting to watch my good friend Chris Winter compete at the World Championships.

Dude has been through a lot to get here. He has battled countless injuries but he never gave up, he kept his head down and kept pushing. The focus this kid has is unbelievable, inspiring.

9. Drouin’s Bronze.

Proves that his efforts in London were no fluke, he’s the real deal. Humble and low key off the track, but a beast on it. He was part of the most memorable five mintues of track and field I have ever witnessed (see #5).

Brianne Theisen Eaton at the start line of the 800m, the final event of the women's heptathlon.
Brianne Theisen Eaton at the start line of the 800m, the final event of the women’s heptathlon.

8. Brianne Thiesen Eaton Silver.

She has been a raising star for years, so this type of performance was inevitable. It was great to see it all come to fruition. But it was not without a little drama as she was quite ill heading in, but she hulked the hell up and delivered. Simply awesome.

7. Moscow.

Great hosts all around. The city is quite pretty, the people are very nice and overall they did a great job. Not gonna lie, did not have big expectations coming in and I was pleasantly surprised with their overall hosting efforts.

Dylan Armstrong wins bronze.
Dylan Armstrong wins bronze.

6. Dylan Armstrong.

The gentle giant of team Canada heaves a huge throw in the 6th round to move himself into 3rd place. The big man scores that medal, all of team Canada rejoices!

5. The Steeple Boys.

Three Canadian steeplechasers in the world championships for the first time ever. Two in the final for the first time ever. Matty Hughes comes 6th, running the fastest time by a Canadian ever! What a group.

Rob with Damian Warner and Ashton Eaton.

4. Damian Warner Bronze.

The nicest guy on the team, the best athlete on the team and one of the most supportive dudes out there. Damian started it all off. He comes in, does his thing, scores a bronze and gets the ball rolling for all of us. He then goes into full on fan mode. Before the start of the marathon I look up to the stands and see my buds, the whole distance crew has come out to cheer me on, Damian is there too! I come through 40K, hurting and suffering, Anthony Romonow is off to the side losing his shit, Damian is right there with him! That’s pretty cool man.

The British team clearly missed handing off the baton in the zone.
The British team clearly missed handing off the baton in the zone.

3. 4x100m Bronze.

After last years heartbreak they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and got back to work. They were rewarded here in Moscow with a bronze medal. That is some heartwarming stuff right there!

2. The Guelph Crew.

Rob with steepler Chris Winter and Speed River/Athletics Canada coach Dave Scott Thomas.

I was so happy to get to reconnect with my old buddies from Guelph. DST used to coach me, I was a bit nervous about how we’d get on in Moscow. I was silly to worry. DST was a beauty all week, so supportive and professional. Trent Stellingwerff was an invaluable resource and the dudes were still their amazing selves. I still love those guys.

1. Team Canada.

What a group! Cannot say enough about the this team. From the top all the way down everyone was just a beauty. From reconnecting with my old buds from Guelph to all the new friends I made. It was just an honour to be a part of this team. We are AC!

Thanks so much everyone. It was fun to be your man on the ground here in Moscow and your love and support has been uplifting.

Upwards and onwards folks!

Be Good.