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Five great gift ideas for every runner on your list

And no, a pair of socks isn't one of them!

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Just in time for Christmas, we sum up the best gift ideas for the runner on your list. If you’re short on time and in need of something last-minute, we’ve got you covered.

1. A personal best

This is secretly (or not so secretly) the top wish of every runner. And while it’s almost impossible to deliver on another person’s behalf, might we suggest gifting them a race registration and betting them a small sum of money (or perhaps a pair of shoes…see point below) that they won’t PB. That should provide them with more than enough motivation to run really fast. For complete running race and event listings including the largest and fastest races around, check out raceguide.ca

2. New running shoes

Who doesn’t want (or need) new running shoes? No one, that’s who! Normally we’re not too choosy when it comes to free shoes, but if it’s not too much trouble… Size X in model Y and colour Z, please and thank you.

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3. Anything chocolate-flavoured

Gels. Energy bars. Liquid electrolyte solution. Heck, even a 3 lb. solid brick would do. As long as it has chocolate in it, on it or as one of the ingredients, we’re happy.

A side-by-side comparison of a run with both Apple Watch Series 2 and a Garmin 630.
A side-by-side comparison of a run with both Apple Watch Series 2 and a Garmin 630.

4. Fitness tracking tech

A GPS. A heart-rate monitor. An Apple Watch (hint, hint). There’s simply no shortage of gear, gadgets and gizmos that we’d be happy to unwrap and strap to our bodies in order to better obsess over and analyze our training.

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5. A healthy and injury-free season

The most important part of running–and possibly the most difficult–is staying healthy and injury-free. And while there’s no one way to guarantee this, there are no shortage of recovery tools and aids that can help. Foam rollers, compression socks and protein powders (chocolate flavoured of course) are all great ideas that will show how much you care about our crazy love of running.

Happy Holidays from Canadian Running magazine and RaceGuide. May all your running, training and racing-related wishes come true in 2017.