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Garmin announces new Forerunner 745

Introducing the Garmin 745, the GPS watch with improved recovery and wellness tracking

Garmin has announced the latest upgrade to its Forerunner suite of watches – the 745. The 745 will replace the 735XT and has additional recovery features so runners can track improvements and optimize their recovery. This new watch features detailed training stats, daily suggested workouts and smartwatch functions.

This watch was built with the triathlete in mind, but it’s also ideal for a runner who likes to cross-train. The 745 features many built-in activity profiles, including pool swimming, biking and track running, so runners can round out their training routine and easily switch between sports within one day of training. Even when runners aren’t working out, the Forerunner 745 is tracking the user’s well-being with functions like Body Battery (which measures your body’s output and corresponding energy levels, like it does with the watch’s battery). 

Forerunner 745

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The specs

The watch, which retails for C$699.99, has one week of battery life in smartwatch mode, 16 hours in GPS mode (for those really long trail runs) and six hours in GPS mode with music. It can store up to 500 songs and has Garmin Pay, so you never need to carry a credit card while you run. It’s available in black, neo tropic, magma red or whitestone. 

Neo tropic colourway

Workout tools

Recovery tracking is done through heart rate monitoring with a wrist-based pulse sensor. Runners can also wear the HRM-Pro, which pairs with the watch for an even more accurate reading regarding the strain of a workout. On top of recovery measurements, the watch offers workout suggestions for its user, which is based on their calculated training load and V02 Max. 

For runners looking to improve their form, the 745 provides insights through vertical oscillation and ground contact time, and it can asses stride length. 

This watch also connects with Garmin Coach, which gives runners access to the help of three running coaches – Jeff Galloway, Greg McMillan and Amy Parkerson-Mitchell – who can help them train for anything from a 5K to marathon. 

Who this watch is for

This watch is for the runner who loves to go for the long haul – a marathoner, an ultrarunner or a trail runner who loves spending an entire day outside. It has a lot of similarities to the 945, except it doesn’t include the offline mapping function, saving runners money and on the weight of the watch. It’s also ideal for the person with a variety of sporting interests, as this watch can track just about any activity. With impressive battery life and improved performance tracking, this watch is an all-encompassing training guide and workout partner. 

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