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Top finisher’s medals of 2014

As 2014 came to a close, we asked our readers what their favourite medals of the year were. For the chance to win a free subscription, runners across Canada sent us pics of the medals that they are the most proud of having draped across their necks after crossing the finish line. By far the most submitted medals were those from the Maritime Race Weekend, which featured a treasure chest that actually opened, revealing (if the finisher was lucky) a tiny set of shoes that could be exchanged for a life-size pair. The runner-up was a medal from the Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race, which was engraved on locally sourced limestone – pretty cool

Check out some of our other favourites that you all sent in. Winners will be contacted via Facebook or Twitter, depending on the platform that they submitted from.

All the best in your 2015 races – we can’t wait to see the bling from this year, every #MedalMonday!

10) Chicago Marathon

chicago marathon

9) Around the Bay

around the bay

8) Oasis Zoo Run

zoo run

7) Ottawa Marathon

ottawa marathon

6) Canada Army Run

army run


5) Epic Canadian 10K

epic canadian

4) Rock’n’Roll Vancouver

rock n roll medal

3) Santa Shuffle

santa shuffle

2) Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race

bruce peninsula medal

1) Maritime Race Weekend

maritime race weekend