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Why you should consider upgrading your insoles

Adding additional comfort and support to your running shoes has never been so easy

Dean Karnazes inserting insole into his running shoe Photo by: SOLE

Those new runners you bought could be the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ve ever worn, but every running shoe on the market comes with relatively inexpensive insoles that weren’t exactly custom-designed for the contours of your foot. Those sponge-foam insoles lack durability and don’t offer any additional support. Over-the-counter insoles are a great alternative for improving the shoe’s comfort at a low cost.

Photo: SOLE

Custom orthotics can be tremendously helpful to runners who need extra support or who overpronate. They also offer great help to people suffering from plantar fasciitis by supporting your arch to reduce strain on the plantar fascia ligament. This arch support also plays a role in helping your lower body stay in alignment while running, reducing strain on your joints. But there are two drawbacks to running with custom orthotics: they are expensive, and they may add weight to your shoes. 

Many podiatrists (some of whom also make custom orthotics) endorse over-the-counter insoles as an affordable alternative to custom orthotics, and some are clinically proven to reduce fatigue and plantar fascia strain. Getting custom-fit footwear has never been easier with brands like SOLE, a Vancouver-based insole company, which offers easy-to-follow heat-moldable orthopedic bases that adapt to the exact contours of your foot without compromising the orthotic shape. 

Photo: SOLE

Add additional support with SOLE’s Active Thin and Performance Thin insoles, which prioritize comfort and save weight (they weigh less than an ounce). They feel like a regular running insole that was specifically designed for your foot. After wearing the Active Thin insole for one six-kilometre easy run, I can already notice a difference in cushioning and additional support in my medial arch. 

A look at SOLE’s performance-thin insole, made from recycled wine corks, designed for high-performance activity. Photo: SOLE

The Active Thin version features an ultra-durable EVA footbed for slim-fitting footwear, which is perfect for those wanting comfort for everyday activities. The Performance Thin insert, made from recycled wine corks, moulds to your foot quickly through wear. This insole is best suited for slim-fitting footwear and high-performance activities, like running. 

SOLE’s Active Thin and Performance Thin insoles range from $59.99 to $64.99 and can be found online or at your local retailer.  If you are a first time customer click here for $20 off your purchase from SOLE. 

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