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35 Canadian masters marathoners crack the WMMA top 50

A list of Canadians who currently sit as the top 50 masters marathoners in the world

The Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings launched at the 2018 Berlin Marathon, with masters runners accumulating points throughout the year at 50 qualifying marathons around the world. While the 2020 AbbottWMM Age Group World Championships unfortunately won’t happen in London this spring (the marathon was originally scheduled for April 26 and will now run October 4), these are the Canadians who have currently cracked the top 50 for their age categories, and are hoping to qualify for the 2021 championships.

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Points are awarded in the context of the first-place finisher in the age category. Starting at 4,000 points, you get 10 fewer points for every 30 seconds you finish behind the age group champion at a major marathon or behind a pre-determined “Platinum Time” at one of the other qualifying races. You can get as few as 1,000 points. Your score is the sum of the points from your top two marathon finishes.


Claire Bird – 32nd with 6,330 points


Ken Ginnan – 24th with 6,880 points
Dan Bewley – 25th with 6,870 points


Isha Sharif – 14th with 7,230 points
Karen Leavitt – 21st with 6,940 points


Geoffrey Charles Richards – 11th with 7,320 points

Start of the 2019 SeaWheeze Half-Marathon. Photo: lululemon


Shi Ying Zeng – sixth with 7,190 points
Marie-Claude Leblond – 20th with 6,590 points
Carmen Lambert – 33rd with 6,300 points
Nithi You – 35th with 6,280 points
Christine Hobeika – 41st with 6,210 points
Teresa Benton – 47th with 6,190 points


Mary Anne Griffin – 10th with 6,700 points
Donna Lynn Hale – 38th with 5,930 points
Shawna Yee – 40th with 5,890 points
Sandra Sukstorf – 45th with 5,760 points


Walter Downey – 10th with 7,440 points
Carl St-Jacques – 10th with 7,440 points
Jochen Tilk – 23rd with 7,040 points


Andrea Cameron – sixth with 7,280 points
Brenda Maher – 17th with 6,270 points


Almis Ledas – 16th with 6,940 points
Martin Lambert – 35th with 6,650 points


Janet Green – 11th with 6,190 points
Elisabeth Juliane Smith – 40th with 3,760 points


Gilles Beaupre – 48th with 5,460 points


Roslyn A Smith – fourth with 4,000 points
Agnes Benna – 41st with 3,110 points


Kevin Murphy – 44th with 3,720 points


Helen Mcgurrin – 18th with 2,960 points
Gloria Sherwood – 32nd with 2,160 points


Allison Moore – 24th with 3,410 points


Liz Borett – first with 4,000 points


Keith Ashton – 17th with 2,960 points
Thomas Podruchny – 50th with 1,060 points