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A guide to upcoming virtual races and challenges

Since it looks like virtual racing could still be our best option for the next few months, here's a list of upcoming events

Throughout the pandemic, virtual races have given runners around the globe many opportunities to test their fitness and fuel their need for competition while in-person events are on hold. While the promise of vaccines gives us hope that we can return to mass participation races soon, many in-person races could end up closing their doors permanently as a result of the pandemic. All races are threatened, and for many of them, virtual races are the only thing keeping them alive as the pandemic stretches into 2021. We’ll update this list regularly, so even if nothing catches your eye right now, check back at a later date for any new additions.

2021 RunNB Challenge

When? Until December 31

What? Over a 12-month period, participants will virtually run or walk a ‘tour of New Brunswick’ for a total of 1200Km. Participants may also choose to do the tour twice, for a total of 2400Km. The challenge is open to anybody, anywhere.

How Much? $50


Race website here

60° North Run Challenge

When? Until January 31

What? Run, walk hike or ski 60K in the month-long challenge window (can register as an individual or on a team)

How much? $60 (early bird), $90 (regular fee)

Race website here

ATB 30-Day Fun Challenge

When? Until January 31

What? 30 days of challenges

How much?$35

Race website here

CMTR Winter Scavenger Hunt

When? Until January 31

What? Complete 20 scavenger hunt challenges

How much? $55

Challenge website here

Run Guides Bali – Lombok Virtual Team Challenge

When? Until February 28

What? Teams of four attempt to virtually run around the tropical islands of Bali (470K) and Lombok (322K)

How much? $60 per team

Event website here

Move Your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause

When? February 27 to March 29

What? Participants aim to collectively run 3,000K

How much? More info to come (registration opens January 12)

Challenge website here

Winter Moves 80-Hour Challenge

When? Until March 20

What? Spend 80 hours getting active outdoors in 90 days

How much? $98 (youth), $125 (adult)

Race website here

Virtual Chilly Half Marathon

When? Until March 30

What? Frosty 5K, Frigid 10K and Chill Half Marathon

How much? $65 (5K and 10K) and $90 (half-marathon)

Race website here

MTU Showdown

When? Until June 30

What? Run 1,600 MTUs (to learn more about MTUs, click here)

How much? Free

Race website here

The 2021 RunNB Challenge 

When? Until December 31

What? Run, walk or snowshoe 1,200K (or 2,400K) to virtually circumnavigate New Brunswick

How much? $50

Race website here

Under Armour Spring Run-Off

When? April 1 to 30

What? Kids’ race, 5K and 8K

How much? More details to come

Race website here

Sarah Inglis wins the 2019 Spring Run-Off. Photo: Inge Johnson/Canada Running Series

Banque Scotia 21K de Montreal

When? April 23 to June 14

What? Kids’ race, 5K, 10K and half-marathon

How much? More details to come

Race website here

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon 

When? June 2 to July 5

What?Kids’ race, 5K, 10K and half-marathon

How much? More details to come

Race website here

Reid Coolsaet Vancouver Half-Marathon
Reid Coolsaet winning the 2015 Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon. Photo Credit: Inge Johnson/Canada Running Series.

The 416 Challenge 

When? Until July 31

What? Run 416K by the end of next July

How much? $40 (student deal), $90 (regular fee)

Race website here

Vancouver Sun Run

When? April 18 to 30

What? 2.5K, 10K, team run

How much?$25 to $45

Race website here

Around the Bay

When? March 25 to April 25

What? 5K, 10K, 15K, 30K, two- and three-person relays

How much? More info to come

Race website here

The Goggins 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge

When? March 5 to 7

What? Run four miles (6.4K) every four hours for 48 hours

How much? No charge, but participants are encouraged to raise at least $250 for The Maddie Project

Race website here