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Canadian woman wins 72-hour event at Across The Years

This was Dennene Huntley Pangle of Edmonton's first overall win. Matthew Shepard of Valleyview, Alta. finished second in the 6-day race

There are plenty of people still racing on the course at Aravaipa Running’s Across the Years in Phoenix (notably the 6-hour, 12-hour, 100-mile, 200-mile and 10-day events), but we decided to bring you some interim results from the events that have concluded. Most notably, Dennene Huntley Pangle42, of Edmonton has won the 72-hour event overall with 235.75 miles (379.56 kilometres).

It’s the first time Huntley Pangle, who is originally from Antigonish, N.S., has beaten all the men in a race. (Last year she finished second overall.) Because runners have some flexibility in when they start racing, Huntley had to wait two days to find out whether her first-place result would stand up until everyone had finished. In the end, it did.

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Huntley Pangle was hoping to reach 400 kilometres, but she matched last year’s mileage and scored a 48-hour personal best of 166 miles (267.26 kilometres), while sleeping for three more hours over last year.

Steve Walters finished second, with 221.08 miles. Jeffrey Davis was third, with 207.46 miles. Second female was Jackie Fritsch, with 162.40 miles, and third female was Jeri Desocio with 149.83 miles. Michel Gouin, 59, of Drummondville, Que. was the second Canadian, with 139.35 miles, for 13th place overall. There were no other Canadians in the event.

Last Man Standing

Anthony Tadajewski, 42, of Lichfield Park, Arizona, won the event with 135.15 miles in 25 hours, 13 minutes and 3 seconds. He had to outlast Jamil Coury, 34, of Aravaipa Running (the event organizer) who almost had the event nailed, with 134.10 miles in 25 hours, four minutes, 56 seconds, and Maia Detmer, 37, of Las Vegas, with 129.91 miles over 25 hours, 34 minutes and 56 seconds. (Technically, in a last-man-standing race, there is one winner and the rest are DNF’s.)

24 hours

1. Chris Pope, 141.95 miles
2. Vlad Henzl, 122.59 miles
3. Rob Raguet-Schofield, 117.35 miles

1. (and second overall) Chavet Breslin, 117.35 miles
2. Hoa Nguyen, 110.01 miles
3. Darcy Piceu, 105.82 miles

1. Erica Kam, 53, of Sherwood Park, Alta. with 90.10 miles (28th position)
2. Brad Whitson, 56, of Winnipeg, with 45.05 miles (111th position)
3. Jennifer Tackley, 55 of Winnipeg, with 45.05 miles (112th position)

48 hours

1. Thomas Jackson, 174.98 miles
2. Troy Allen, 168.69 miles
3. Stuart Berke (fifth overall), 135.16 miles

1. Juli Aistars (and third overall), 158.21 miles
2. Kim McCoy (and fourth overall), 144.59 miles
3. Jeannie McDaniel, 125.73 miles

1. Mars Wolfe Lafreniere, 41, of Edmonton with 81.72 miles (71st position)
2. Candice Appleby, 37, of Langley, B.C. with 78.58 miles (73rd position)
3. David Appleby, 47, of Langley, B.C. with 78.58 miles (74th position)

24-hour world record-holder Camille Herron was forced to drop out of the 48-hour event eight hours, 40 minutes and 62.86 miles (101.2 kilometres) last Sunday, due to an inflamed hamstring. “Yes, unfortunately my hammy that’s bothering me this year tightened up and got inflamed,” Herron told us. “It’s not as bad as it was when I first tore it this year, but I know when it’s inflamed and needs rest. I think the unusual cold in Phoenix contributed. I’ll rest now to heal up and get ready for 2020!”

6 days

1. Pete Kostelnick, 444.26 miles
2. Matthew Shepard, 32, of Valleyview, Alta. with 435.87 miles (first Canadian)
3. Danny Westergaard, 401.30

1. Marcia Rasmussen, 342.62 miles
2. Jill Hudson, 333.19 miles
3. Edda Bauer, 309.09 miles

2. Gary Black, 59 of Orangeville, Ont. with 206.41 miles (15th position)

There were no other Canadians in this event.

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Pablo Espinosa of St-Polycarpe, Que. is currently in eighth position in the gruelling 10-day event. Espinosa won the Icarus Florida Ultrafest in Fort Lauderdale on November 18. He turns 40 tomorrow, and is hoping to set some records at Across the Years.