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Mississauga Marathon features #15yearrunner

Mississauga Marathon celebrates 15 years

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The Mississauga Marathon is an event with a strong following. This year the marathon launched a social media campaign called #15yearrunner to celebrate the 15th anniversary for the event. This hashtag showcases runners who are longtime devotees to both the Mississauga Marathon and to running. Over 40 participants in Sunday’s race have run the Mississauga Marathon every year since its inaugural event in 2004.




Lorna is a #15yearrunner who has run the Mississauga Marathon since 2004. Lorna runs for her mom, who had a stroke in 2003. She likes the course because her family is able to watch her. Lorna is a lifelong runner and has fond memories of qualifying for Boston on the Mississauga course. 


Chad is also a #15yearrunner. Chad began running to get in shape for basketball. Although his first 10K was humbling, he’s stuck with the sport and has become a 15-year runner at the Mississauga Marathon. Chad loves that his wife and daughter can come and support him through his race.

Pictured are all Chad’s race numbers. 

Thankfully, the wind died down in Mississauga in time for the start of the marathon. Thousands of people lined up for the half and full marathons as well as the 10K, 5K, and 2K Timbits fun run. Below are top results from the men’s and women’s marathon races.

Top results from the men’s marathon:

  1. Tsegaye Dissasa             2:31:29
  2. Eric Leishman              2:36:43
  3. Peter Speight                2:44:01
  4. Jeff Conron                   2:44:50
  5. Mitch Free                     2:45:28
  6. Mango Peeler                2:46:06
  7. Jean-Francois Masson2:47:04
  8. Kyle Aitken                    2:47:51
  9. Bill Steinburg                2:49:42
  10. Liyang Wang                 2:51:00

Top results from women’s marathon:

  1. Clemence Vauzelle       3:02:17
  2. Truphena Busienei       3:05:05
  3. Marie-Pier Drolet         3:06:42
  4. Emily Hass Ryan          3:06:51
  5. Karoline Hoy                 3:06:51
  6. Joan Chung                    3:10:41
  7. Michelle Spencer           3:11:20
  8. Heidi Mok                       3:13:21
  9. Katie Anderson              3:15:42
  10. Julie Pichette                  3:16:13

For full results see here.