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Nick Symmonds runs fastest 400m in Crocs

Symmonds went once around the track, in 55 seconds, while wearing Crocs

Nick Symmonds, Run Gum CEO and two-time Olympian, ran a 55.65 400m in Crocs. Symmonds has been retired from professional running for several years now, making this world record particularly impressive.

A 55s 400m is no joke–especially in Crocs, and is a world record for the distance while wearing the plastic shoe.

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Symmonds wore his Crocs barefoot with the back flipped up. He did his full warmup in the blue camo shoes and then raced against some local Oregonians who were looking to run a sub-60 400m.

For more context, a time this fast means running roughly a 27-second 200m and then continuing on nearly the same pace for another 200m. For most elite middle-distance runners, in spikes, this is one of the harder intervals they would do all season.

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Symmonds’ YouTube channel is dedicated to running. He uses it as a platform to talk training and news and to take on running challenges. For example, in 2019 the runner challenged Logan Paul when he claimed that he was the fastest YouTuber on the planet.

In the end, Paul hosted a 100m race and was beaten by a Toronto Argonaut. Donald De La Haye, a kicker on the Toronto Argonauts practice squad, put Paul in his place at Paul’s Challenger Games 100m race in California, winning in an impressive 10.8 seconds. De La Haye, who was born in Costa Rica and attended high school land college in Florida, is also the YouTuber known as Deestroying, which has 1.6 million followers. De La Haye quickly added the title “fastest man on the Internet” to his Instagram bio.