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Lanni Marchant caps off double in 24th, Krista DuChene places a superb 35th in Olympic marathon

Canadians Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene ran brilliant Olympic marathons on a hot and sticky day in Rio.

Lanni Marchant

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Canadians Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene ran brilliant Olympic races on a hot and sticky day in Rio. Marchant capped off her 10,000m/marathon double with a 24th-place finish in Sunday morning’s marathon. Duchene, 39, finished 35th in her first ever Olympic Games.


Marchant: 2:33:08.
DuChene: 2:35:29.

The two ran very smart races in Rio and continually moved up the standings to both finish in the top-35. Marchant finished in 25th in the women’s 10,000m on Friday and had less than 48 hours rest in her impressive double. That’s two top-25 finishes for Marchant in three days at the sport’s highest level.

DuChene, known as Canada’s marathon mom, understandably celebrated across the line. Her Olympic finish comes after she broke her femur in 2014. She ran the Olympic qualifying standard just one year later in 2015.

Marchant’s finish

The 32-year-old London, Ont. native proved that she could do, and excel, in the 10,000m/marathon double. At one point, it was believed that Athletics Canada was hesitant to name her to both teams despite her meeting all the necessary criteria. Marchant is the Canadian record holder in the women’s marathon (2:28:00).

Duchene’s finish

There were 157 athletes that began the race on Sunday morning in Brazil. Conditions were hot throughout the event with temperatures beginning at about 21 C and reaching as high as 25 C in the latter stages.

Marchant’s progression

5K: 47th
10K: 49th
15K: 43rd
Half: 28th
30K: 26th
35K: 22nd
Finish: 24th

DuChene’s progression

5K: 69th
10K: 61st
15K: 63rd
Half: 52nd
30K: 47th
35K: 33rd
Finish: 35th

Kenya wins its first ever Olympic gold in the women’s marathon

Kenya’s Jemima Sumgong won her country’s first ever Olympic gold medal in the women’s marathon. She finished in 2:24:04 to better Bahrain’s Eunice Kirwa, who was second in 2:24:13. Ethiopia’s Mare Dibaba rounded out the podium positions with a bronze medal.

The race had lots of interesting story lines including Estonian triplets, German twins and North Korean twins competing. The two North Koreans managed to tie and required a photo finish to determine their final placings.

Top-35 results

1 958 Jemima Jelagat SUMGONGKEN 2:24:04
2 452 Eunice Jepkirui KIRWABRN 2:24:13
3 644 Mare DIBABAETH 2:24:30
4 651 Tirfi TSEGAYEETH 2:24:47
5 397 Volha MAZURONAKBLR 2:24:48
6 1340 Shalane FLANAGANUSA 2:25:26 SB
7 1352 Desireé LINDENUSA 2:26:08 SB
8 446 Rose CHELIMOBRN 2:27:36
9 1333 Amy CRAGGUSA 2:28:25
10 1138 Hye-Song KIMPRK 2:28:36 SB
11 1137 Hye-Gyong KIMPRK 2:28:36
12 978 Jelena PROKOPCUKALAT 2:29:32
13 874 Valeria STRANEOITA 2:29:44 SB
14 913 Kayoko FUKUSHIJPN 2:29:53
15 1085 Gladys TEJEDAPER 2:29:55 SB
16 1129 Ana Dulce FÉLIXPOR 2:30:39
17 986 Diana LOBACEVSKELTU 2:30:48
18 323 Milly CLARKAUS 2:30:53
19 923 Tomomi TANAKAJPN 2:31:12
20 845 Fionnuala MCCORMACKIRL 2:31:22 PB
21 1109 Iwona LEWANDOWSKAPOL 2:31:41
22 342 Jessica TRENGOVEAUS 2:31:44
23 1115 Monika STEFANOWICZPOL 2:32:49
24 482 Lanni MARCHANTCAN 2:33:08
25 857 Catherine BERTONEITA 2:33:29
27 1001 Lilia FISIKOWICIMDA 2:34:05 PB
28 700 Alyson DIXONGBR 2:34:11
29 1210 Maja NEUENSCHWANDERSUI 2:34:27
30 722 Sonia SAMUELSGBR 2:34:36
31 343 Lisa Jane WEIGHTMANAUS 2:34:41
32 1010 Madaí PÉREZMEX 2:34:42
33 1286 Olha KOTOVSKAUKR 2:34:57 SB
34 620 Azucena DÍAZESP 2:35:02
35 473 Krista DUCHENECAN 2:35:29