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Shoeless Harvard runner wins second race despite serious blisters

Kieran Tuntivate lost his left shoe in the Ivy League Championships 3,000m on Saturday, sustained some nasty blisters, and came back Sunday to win the 5,000m

It’s always a dramatic scene when a runner loses his shoe in a race, and wins anyway. At the Ivy League Heptagonal Championships on Saturday, Harvard’s Kieran Tuntivate not only lost his left spike in the first lap of the 3,000m and won anyway, but his bare left foot sustained some pretty nasty blisters on his way to victory. Yet the following afternoon he came back to win the 5,000m. (And this time, both his spikes stayed on.)

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Tuntivate told the Harvard Crimson he felt “flustered” for a bit after losing his shoe, but was able to settle himself, take the lead in the final lap, and hang on for the win, in 8:12.72.

After the run, though, Tuntivate was in need of medical attention for some serious blisters on the foot that lost the shoe, as the grisly photos attest. 

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Astonishingly, Tuntivate competed in the 5,000m the next day, and won that race, too, in 14:25.32.

Tuntivate was named the Male Most Outstanding Track Performer after the meet, as well as first-team All-Ivy honours in the 3K and the 5K.