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Best ways to pass time on the treadmill

Here are some tips to beat the boredom

As much most of us would prefer to run outdoors all year long, treadmill running beats not running at all. Runners must have great concentration and focus as five minutes on the treadmill can feel equivalent to 30 minutes outdoors.

If the cold weather or slippery conditions are holding you back and forcing you on the treadmill, try these tips to beat boredom.

1. Cue up your favourite playlist or podcast

Having something to listen to while you run can help the time pass by a little faster. Make a playlist for the duration of your run with your favourite songs, or find a podcast to listen to help you zone out and not constantly look at the time.

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2. Try using inclines

A treadmill run does not offer the same hill training that outdoor running does, but adjusting the incline on your treadmill will break up the repetition. Using inclines can mimic the movements of outdoor running.


3. Watch a Netflix show

If you are looking for more entertainment, try streaming your favourite Netflix or TV show while you exercise. Watching TV while you run is a great way to settle into a pace and keep you focused. You might need to occasionally keep an eye on your treadmill to make sure you arent running onto the front of it.

Shows For Treadmill
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4. Pretend you are running on the track

Most treadmills have a display screen with a virtual 400m oval track feature. This screen records how many laps you have completed and keeps track of your pace and distance. You can use the virtual 400m track for speedwork or progression runs – where you increase the speed by 0.1 each lap.

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Setting a time or distance goal when starting a treadmill run can help with your mindset.

5. Try running virtually

Spice up your treadmill experience with a virtual running video game, where you can see the live output of your treadmill running statistics in a virtual city or world. Apps such as Zwift and Rouvy are free to download on your iPhone, iPad or computer, transforming your treadmill run into a fun virtual experience.

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