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4x Olympic gold medallist joins Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sanya Richards-Ross is already making waves on the Bravo network

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Sanya Richards-Ross is the newest real housewife. The American record holder over 400m (and former WR holder in the distance medley relay) joins the legendary franchise for its 14th season. Richards-Ross wrote on Instagram, “I’ve spent my whole life snatching medals, now I’ve snatched a whole peach!”

While this is certainly her biggest platform, it isn’t Richards-Ross’s first time on television. She’s currently a member of the NBC broadcast team as a track and field analyst, and appeared on the reality show Platinum Weddings in 2010 when she married her husband, former NFL player Aaron Ross. She also had a show about her family called Glam & Gold

The first episode aired May 1 on Bravo and showed Richards-Ross at the gym with a fellow cast member. There, they raced each other and Richards-Ross commented that, “If I was going full speed, I’d be on the other side of Atlanta before Drew crossed the gym.” Only one episode in and she’s already stirring up drama– the mark of a real housewife.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the show, it’s very cool seeing track and field in mainstream media. In a sport that typically only garners big ratings and attention in an Olympic year, Richards-Ross is helping keep track in the public eye. She’s also showing others there are many ways to continue to profit from athletic success. Even though she hasn’t raced since 2015, people still think her accomplishments are remarkable, and she’s found a way to monetize that. 

Episodes air every Sunday evening at 9 p.m. ET.