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8 memes that accurately describe being a runner in Canada

Canadian runners are a special kind of breed

Canadian runners aren’t like other runners out there. We’ve got more space per person than anyone else in the world and we use it — no matter the weather. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or you arrived from somewhere else, you know you’re a runner in Canada when these gifs resonate with you.

Snow up to your knees doesn’t scare you off

Jack Nicholson The Shining Snow Meme - Imgflip

Three feet of snow is just an extra challenge to make us stronger for the spring, right?

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Neither does the cold

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For some of us, it’s always shorts and singlets season.

You know shovelling snow is the best form of cross-training

72 Snow humor ideas | snow humor, humor, snow

Who needs a gym in the winter when you’ve got six feet of snow?

Coach shovels entire lane for team track workout after B.C. snowstorm

The heat doesn’t bother you either

BBSC Endurance Running - Do you love training in the heat, or hate it? Comment below 🔥🔥🔥 | Facebook

Only a Canadian knows what it feels like to run in -30 C and +30 C.

You always try to give people lots of space as you pass them

Canadians are so nice :) - Imgflip

You go ahead! No you go ahead! No, you go — I insist!

And you always say sorry as you go by

Canadian Memes In Honor Of The Perpetual Apologizers | Canadian memes, Memes, Canadian

Did you bump into that pedestrian? No. Do you say sorry anyway because the potential was there? Absolutely.

You know maple syrup is the ultimate mid-race fuel


Sugarstone Farm-Maple Syrup... - Sugarstone Farm-Maple Syrup

What better way to get your mid-race carbs than with Canada’s perfect condiment?

You know it’s the best running country in the world

Image - 645366] | Doge | Know Your Meme

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Beautiful wilderness, tonnes of space, nice people — sure, we deal with some weather, but that’s part of the charm, right?