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Calum Neff sets his third stroller-pushing world record

Neff ran 10K in under 32 minutes to set his third world record

Calum Neff won the Rodeo Run 10K in Houston on Saturday, and he took his youngest daughter, Maya, along with him for the ride in a stroller. The father-daughter duo covered the distance in 31:43, setting a new world record for fastest 10K pushing a stroller.


Saturday’s result is Neff’s third stroller-pushing record. In 2016, he ran a 2:31:22 at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon while pushing his eldest daughter, Alessandra, to set the record for fastest marathon with a stroller. That same year at a half-marathon in Katy, Texas, where Neff lives, he pushed his middle daughter, Holland, to the win and world record time of 1:11:27.

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10K record

Going into Saturday’s run, Neff was hoping to break the record of 32:26, but he says he knew it wouldn’t be easy.

“I was hoping to just get under it,” he says. “I was aiming for 32-flat to be safe. I thought that was tough. I was intimidated.” He proceeded to beat the record by 43 seconds, just seven seconds slower than his non-stroller 10K PB.

“I ran out of my mind,” he says. For each of his record-breaking runs, Neff says that they were perfect. “All three have been the kind of days you dream about.”

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Getting started with stroller-pushing

Neff has run for a long time, and when he became a father, he decided to combine his passion for running with his love for his children and to take them with him in training.

“It’s a great bonding experience,” he says. “The kids really love it.”


When he first started pushing Alessandra, he entered a few 5K races for fun. He ran some fast times and then found out that there were stroller-pushing records. As of Saturday, he now has a world record run with each of his daughters.

What’s next for Neff

Neff’s season took a hit when the Tokyo Marathon’s mass participation race was cancelled due to coronavirus. His goal for 2020 was to complete each of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors, but after Tokyo’s cancellation, his plans changed.

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He’s still signed up for the Boston Marathon next month, which is now the focus of his season. He says he might also still race one of the fall marathon majors (Berlin, Chicago or New York). He considered racing another marathon to replace Tokyo, but ultimately opted for a 10K with Maya instead.

“I decided to stay close to home and make it fun,” he says.