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Ways Canadian runners are different from the rest

In case there was any doubt, here are some subtle and not so subtle ways you can tell Canadian runners apart from the rest

Toronto Waterfront 10K

Canada World Youth 2015

Canadian runners are different from the rest. There’s just something a-boot us. Need proof? If you recognize any of these in yourself or your running friends, you know you’re a true north strong and free Canadian runner.

It’s a PB (personal best) not a PR

The terms “PB” might seem confusing given how much peanut butter most runners eat, but running a PB is a huge accomplishment that requires a lot of dedication and effort. We also think that it sounds way cooler than setting a PR (the term preferred by the Brits and our neighbours to the south). And we’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as a PB nightmare or disaster… 

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We may log mileage but we count in kilometres

We know that the marathon consists of 26.2 of them (even though running 42.2K sounds way more badass if you ask us) but 13.1, 6.2 or 3.1 mean absolutely nothing to us. We run, train and race in kilometres (a.k.a. Ks, Kms or kms) which can add up pretty quick. Perhaps it’s time to finally make ‘killage’ (rhymes with village and refers to the amount of kilometres run per week, month, etc.) a running term?

Sorry, not sorry

Spill some Gatorade? Pass a runner during an easy run? Hit a split two seconds too fast? Sorry. Sorry. And sorry again. Even if we don’t really mean it, we’re going to at least say it. Canadians are notorious for apologizing even when they shouldn’t have to. Running and racing are no different.

Toronto Waterfront 10K
Photo: Todd Fraser/Canada Running Series.

We’re pretty darn quick

Even when not counting our awesome elites like Lanni Marchant, Krista DuChene, Eric Gillis and Reid Coolsaet, the average Canadian runner is faster than most. According to RunRepeat and a close examination of over two million marathon results across 47 countries, Canada had the fourth fastest average marathon finish times. What’s even more impressive is that we’re number two when it comes to the proportion of females who run, which at 44.4 per cent is well above the fastest overall nations like Spain and Portugal, where less than 10 per cent of finishers are female.

Ciele. MEC. Math Sport. Athletes Collective and more

While they may not have the name recognition or buying power of some of running’s biggest brands, Canadian running companies are here to stay and offer high-quality gear, apparel and accessories to show off your passion and pride for running in Canada. Retailers like MEC and Running Room are also proudly Canadian and can equip you with everything you need.

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Big and small. Short and tall. Black and white. We are all runners.

Nowhere is Canada’s diversity and multicultural society more on display than when looking at our local, provincial/territorial and national running community. Here you will find every type of Canadian runner sharing the roads, trails and tracks from coast to coast. We all band together to celebrate our shared passion for sport, physical activity and healthy, active lifestyles.