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Fog blankets Vancouver, makes for eerie running conditions

The foggy conditions made for some memorable photos from a runner's point-of-view

Vancouver Fog

Vancouver experienced near-zero visibility in recent days as fog blanketed Metro Vancouver.

The conditions made for some great photographs and scenes including one captured by the B.C. Endurance Project showing Rachel Cliff and coach Richard Lee at the University of British Columbia track oval. Runners and local residents were under a weather advisory from Environment Canada as fog lingered in the region.

On social media, some users dubbed the conditions #fogcouver.

Below are some scenes from notable running spots in Vancouver.

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Rain, Snow, Fog or Geese #wethrow

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Not a bad walk to work. Love this mist and fog. #stanleypark #vancouver #vancity

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Wander into the mist, peeking the sunrise behind. #fogcouver

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