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DJ Diplo creates run club with a cool twist

The Grammy award-winning music producer claims his touring run club will be more than just an event; it'll be a celebration, with DJs, live bands and drinks

Diplo's Run Club Photo by: @diplosrunclub/Instagram

It seems like everyone and their cousin is part of a different run club in 2024, and it’s hard for one club to distinguish itself from another besides pace, meeting time and location. Grammy award-winning DJ and producer Diplo (Thomas Pentz) found a way to make his new run club a little different, combining a few of his favourite interests—running, music and travel. 

The club, which is titled, Diplo’s Run Club, involves a large 5K group run, followed by a music festival that will apparently “ignite your senses.” Instead of just going to a bar or club with your running friends after a run, Diplo says he’s bringing the concert to the run in various U.S. cities. The DJ claims his run club will be more than just an event; it’ll be a celebration, with DJs, live bands, and of course, drinks.

In the past year, the 45-year-old has fallen in love with distance running, completing the Miami Half Marathon and L.A. Marathon, where he celebrated beating Oprah’s personal best, finishing in three hours and 55 minutes. It later came out that he ran the race while on the illicit psychedelic drug, LSD. Diplo is now devoting more time and attention to physical activity with his new run club venture, which will debut this September.

“A 5K may be intimidating to some, but Diplo’s Run Club is for everyone and meant to be a good time for all—both seasoned runners or anyone just starting their running journey,” Diplo posted on Instagram.

The three-time Grammy award-winning DJ, Diplo, at the Utopía Festival in 2016. Photo: W/C

His run club will host its inaugural event in San Francisco on Sept. 8, followed by a second event in Seattle on Sept. 14. At both events, a 5K run will be followed by “finish line sets” by Diplo and his friends. Unlike most run clubs, Diplo’s event will not be free. Tickets for Diplo’s Run Club are priced at $69 (around CAD $93), which is a good deal when most of his DJ sets run for double, if not triple the price.

There are no Canadian cities on the schedule yet, but we are sure other influencers or artists will follow suit in monetizing the touring run club idea.

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