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Lies runners tell

Honesty is always the best policy

In our day-to-day lives, runners are a good, honest, hard-working group of people. But when it comes to our actual running, every so often we’re capable of telling a fib or two. These are some of the things we say that aren’t always 100 per cent true. Not going to lie this time.

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The lie: I always replace my running shoes on time.

The truth: I replace my running shoes when I can see my big toe through the upper.

The lie: This week I’ll do my physio exercises.


The truth: This week I’ll think about physio exercises and really try to do them, but ultimately they won’t get done.

The lie: I’ll be home in two hours.

The truth: My run will take 90 minutes, I’ll decide to get brunch, I’ll socialize and walk home very slowly because I’m tried. I’ll be home for 1 p.m.

The lie: Superstitions are silly.

The truth: I’m laying out my lucky running clothes as we speak.


The lie: I shower every day.

The truth: Ok, I rinse every day. I reserve good showers for when I have extra time or when I’m exceptionally gross.


The lie: I can’t come to your party/social gathering/book club because of a work emergency.

The truth: My hobby has made me too exhausted to even consider leaving the couch.

The lie: This run feels really good.

The truth: My whole body hurts but I don’t want to admit defeat.


The lie: I only drink about one cup of coffee a day.

The truth: I always drink one, I usually drink two, I sometimes drink three, on a rough day I’ll shoot for four.

The lie: I love getting dressed up.

The truth: All of my “dress clothes” are stretchy.


The lie: I cross-trained today.

The truth: I didn’t. I went for a run and the whole thing hurt, but it was better than cross-training.