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Most watched races on YouTube

Check out some of the most impressive races in recent history

London 2017

Between Breaking 2, Usain Bolt and some fast kids, we’ve seen some pretty historic running moments in the past few years. Those, among some blasts from the past, make up some of the most-watched running races on YouTube. 

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Usain Bolt wins Olympic gold:


People still love the Nike Breaking2 attempt:



16 year-old Sydney McLaughlin qualifies for the Olympics:


Dave Wattle proves it’s all about the final 200m at 1972 Olympics:

Little kids run really, really fast:

Red Bull 400:

Oscar Pistorius at 2012 Olympics: 

Kevin Hart races Usain Bolt:

USA wins 4x400m relay gold:


Some very real sportsmanship:

De Grasse and Bolt begin their bromance: