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Nuun launches a guide to creating sustainable endurance events

Nuun wants to help all endurance events become better for the planet

Nuun is a company committed to improving sustainability in sport. Just three weeks ago they announced a commitment to eliminating 100,000 single-use cups on race courses and now they’ve announced their partnership with the Council for Responsible Sport. Together, they’ve created a sustainable event guide for endurance sport directors so that races can be better for the planet.

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Nuun believes that a responsible event is one that undertakes a holistic approach to the way they generate economic activity and use raw materials and energy that affect the ecosystem. The aim of the guide is to make sustainability more accessible for events of all sizes.

Kevin Rutherford, Nuun President and CEO, said, “At Nuun we prioritize Clean Product, Clean Sport and Clean Planet as pillars of our brand. We always seek to perform better across the board, and our team is hard at work to double down on our sustainability initiatives. The path is challenging, and we are still learning, but we must push forward no matter the difficulties. Partnering with the Council for Responsible Sport on this Guide is one way that we can share our learnings with the industry and help scale the efforts that are needed to work towards our goal of a Clean Planet.”

The 10 things that radically responsible races do:

  1. Simplify. Eliminate the unnecessary.
  2. Vote with your purchases for a clean planet and wellbeing for all.
  3. Get circular. Divert waste material from the landfill.
  4. Be climate accountable. Measure and offset carbon emissions.
  5. Power your event with clean energy. Support to transition to renewable sources of electricity.
  6. Be more inclusive. Offer ways to help disadvantage people overcome barriers to participation.
  7. Collaborate to make a positive and lasting local impact.
  8. Get organized. Prioritize, allocate capacity and measure performance.
  9. Unify efforts under a comprehensive sustainability plan.
  10. Integrate communications to build awareness.

The full guide can be found here.

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