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Reactions around the world to Kipchoge’s historic mark

How elites, scientists, coaches and everyday runners are reacting to this historic running moment

Ahead of Kipchoge’s sub-two hour marathon attempt on Saturday, there were some who doubted, some who believed and some who called it scientifically impossible. Regardless of where you sat on the two-hour marathon possibility argument, runners are coming together now in celebration of the event.

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Saturday morning in Vienna, Austria, Eliud Kipchoge made history. Kipchoge has become the first person to run a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge finished the historic event in 1:59:40.

The finish line

This is the scene from the finish line right after the race. There were 20,000 people in attendance to watch the run and over 700,000 tuning in online.

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The video below is of Eldoret, Kenya on Saturday. Tens of thousands of people gathered to cheer Kipchoge to success. On Saturday, for the first time ever, Kipchoge’s wife and kids were present to watch him race in Vienna.


The elites are stunned by Kipchoge’s ability. Shalane Flanagan, who was on the live broadcast for the event, called it a “where were you when” moment.


Despite some backlash and skepticism heading into this event from many informed viewers, they’ve come around and are completely on the Kipchoge bandwagon.

Recreational runners

Then there are lots of runners who remind us that this pace is insane for anyone but Kipchoge. It’s so fast (2:50 per kilometre) that many collegiate and elite middle distance runners struggle to stay on this pace for more than one interval.

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