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Runners chase popular Strava segment in Denver airport

Here's an idea of how to kill time waiting for your next flight

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Strava segments are an athlete’s best friend, and runners are sometimes miffed when they get an email about someone taking one of their crowns or local legends, especially if it’s in a place they can’t easily get to. This segment in the Denver International Airport has gained popularity online after a few runners posted TikTok videos of themselves sprinting through the airport, trying to beat the record.

By the looks of it, the segment named “gate change gnar” is a 150-metre sprint in Terminal B at Denver International Airport. The record time is 19 seconds, and is held by Jared Murphy of Provo, Utah, and Elsa Westenfelder of Missoula, Mon., who has the women’s CR of 26 seconds. 

Segments are portions of popular running and cycling routes created by Strava members where athletes can compare times and see where they stack up on a leaderboard. They are one of Strava’s most popular features, as they give everyday runners a glimpse of how their times stack up against their friends and other runners. 

Most people will kill time waiting for their flight at a restaurant, bar or shop–you truly know you’re a runner (or addicted to Strava) when you’re thinking about how you can become the local legend in ‘Terminal A Sprint’ in the two hour time window before your flight to Miami. 

In a few videos, the runners received strange looks from security and airport patrons (understandable). An airport can be a great place for segment-chasing, because if you do get stopped by security, you could say you were trying to catch your flight. 

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