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RunTV.org is the new Netflix for running videos

The new website will allow you to find your favourite running videos with just a few clicks

Over the last year, runners everywhere have been looking for ways to keep themselves busy while we’re stuck in lockdown and we have no races to train for or groups to run with. Some runners have taken to creating Strava or GPS art, others have been tackling FKTs and some have dedicated themselves to running every street in their town or city. Mike Padilla decided to spend his time creating ‘the Netflix for running videos’, runtv.org.

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Thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns and a lot of snow where Padilla lives in Pennsylvania, he has spent more time than usual this winter running on his treadmill. He relies heavily on Youtube videos to get him through those treadmill miles, and of course what else would a runner watch while they’re running but running videos? The only problem is finding the right videos to watch.

YouTube is great if you know what you’re specifically looking for, but it’s not particularly suited for discovery,” explains Padilla.

So he set out to build a website that would house every running video on Youtube in one easy-to-access location. Currently, the site mostly contains race coverage, but Padilla says there is plenty of other content available, including documentaries, product reviews, training, running YouTuber personalities, injury prevention and more, with each video organized and categorized so it’s easy to find. As for races, you can find videos of both recent events and races from years past.

“If the race is on YouTube and it’s allowed to be shared, we have it. We have the oldies and the latest — Olympics, NCAAs, Worlds Champs, road races, marathons, etc.,” says Padilla. “The listings automatically update every hour with an algorithm that scans YouTube.”

Padilla explains that there is great running content out there, but there is no central organization for how it’s distributed. Most videos are shared by individual organizations, but he believes runTV.org proves that “when there is some effort applied to orchestrate the independent activities of many, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” He hopes that with the creation of this website, people will find information and inspiration that captures what we all love about running.

There’s great running content out there – you just had to find it. I’ve removed that barrier,” he says. “I just wanted to give back to the running community, so this is my token contribution.”

As the website continues to grow, Padilla says he’s always looking for those hidden gem videos, so if you have a running video that you love that isn’t available on the site, you can send the link to videos@runtv.org.

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