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Strava unveils two new game-changing features

Say goodbye to the complexities of external mapping apps, as Waypoints allows you to effortlessly map your run from one point to another

strava Photo by: Strava

Attention Strava subscribers! Brace yourselves for two cutting-edge updates coming to the world’s most popular social media app for runners. These game-changing features will forever alter the way you use the app. With the new Waypoints feature, you can now draw and create your route, adding specific stops along the way. Plus, the Best Efforts feature allows you to view your top 10 fastest runs, tracking your progress like never before.

Draw your route with Waypoints

Many Strava users have eagerly awaited an upgrade to the route-designing feature, and their wishes have been answered with the introduction of the Waypoints feature, set to revolutionize your route-planning experience. With Waypoints, placing specific stops between the start and finish becomes a breeze, thanks to the new waypoint button and long-pressing on the map. This feature will build a route in the vicinity where you want to run, displaying specific viewpoints or landmarks en route.


Say goodbye to the complexities of mapping your runs, as Waypoints allows you to effortlessly connect and move from one point to another, all with the simple touch of your finger.

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View your Best Efforts

Progress tracking on Strava has never been easier, thanks to its Best Efforts feature, now available for running. This new update brings an insightful experience, showcasing their top 10 efforts in distances ranging from one mile to 50K. The Best Efforts feature allows for effortless comparisons of your achievements, offering a glimpse of your progress over time. Strava subscribers can access their Best Efforts through the Progress tab on their profile, making it a breeze to stay motivated and on track.

Strava Best Efforts
Photo: Strava

Hold on tight, these exciting new updates are exclusively available to Strava subscribers. If you haven’t joined the club yet, now’s the time to unlock a world of endless possibilities and take full advantage of your training data.

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