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The 5 unexpected ways runners are getting competitive

Everything's a competition if you make it one

Runners are a competitive breed. They’re the kind of people who won’t willingly play a board game they know they can’t win. Without races in the immediate future, they’re finding ways to keep running fun, goals flexible and this strange time interesting. Here are some examples.

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Running faster than the speed limit

Des Linden has been working towards registering maximum speed on her neighbourhood’s roadside speedometer. If you’ve tried this before, you know it’s both addictive and very fun. If you haven’t, you now have a challenge for this weekend.

Seeing how early they can start a workout

Aliphine Tuliamuk, an American Olympic Marathon qualifier, has been getting up earlier and earlier for morning runs. This proves that anything can be a contest, even if it’s just a contest with yourself.

Learning a new sport

Without the challenge of a start line, some runners are taking up a new sport. Because the only thing better than having one sport to compete at, is having two.

Wearing a racing kit for a workout

Kyle Merber is wearing a race kit for a long run simply because he wants to feel again. While this isn’t competition, it’s certainly reminiscent of it.

Widely participating in the koala challenge


The koala challenge has swept social media, causing folks to take to their living rooms and attempt to move around their partner without touching the ground (like a koala). Despite the fact that runners generally lack flexibility, they took to the challenge and did a pretty good job. Congratulations Aisha Praught and Will Leer, you’re the unofficial winners.

Trying to run slower than everyone else

Introducing the slow mile challenge, where really fast runners excel at running slowly. This is a curveball we didn’t see coming. On Saturday, Olympic marathon qualified Molly Seidel ran a ridiculously slow PW (personal worst) of 36:56.01.