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Three little words that will get any runner excited

No, not those three little words

Those who know runners very well know there that are many turns of phrase that will excite a runner long before, “I love you.” It’s not that runners hate romance, it’s just that there is more than one love in our lives.¬†Below are some of the most exciting three little words you could ever say to a runner.

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New personal best

Obviously runners love improving, so there’s no feeling sweeter than hearing that you’ve run a personal best when you cross the line at a race. This is guaranteed to put a smile on every runner’s face.

Pizza for dinner

Pizza London Marathon
Photo: Screenshots of LADbible video.

Most runners love food, particularly carbs. And pizza is the perfect vehicle for consuming carbohydrates. Let the runner in your life know that it’s pizza night, and you’re sure to have a happy camper.

Craft brewery tour

Beer, another great way to consume carbs and another way to keep your runner in good spirits. The craft brewery tour is especially handy after a runner has said the three little words they dread most: I’m really injured.

Really good coffee

To exercise as much as runners do, many rely on their daily dose of caffeine to get them out the door. You can make your runner the happiest on the trail with a good morning cup of joe.

Boston qualifying time

This doesn’t need to be explained.

New Nike VaporFly’s

This shoe hit the market and changed the game. The carbon-plated shoe made claims that it could improve a runner’s performance by up to four per cent and most people feel that claim holds up.

Off day tomorrow

Runners love to run, but after a week of hard work, the off day feels glorious.

It’s nap time

When you log a lot of miles you also sleep a lot. A nap is a big part of a perfect day.

Sub-4 mile

The sub-4 mile remains one of the gold standards in track and field racing. Sir Roger Bannister was the first person to achieve the once-considered impossible, and now collegiate and professional runners still keep track of how many times they’ve ducked under four minutes for one mile.

Stolen Strava segment

Strava is the race you can run every day and some runners treat it exactly like that. If Strava hunting is your jam, then a day filled with segment stealing is perfection.