VIDEO: a ridiculously unrealistic running commercial

Do not follow this example

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Satisfy is a Paris-based running brand that’s relatively new to the scene. They caught our attention earlier this year when we came across what appear to be the fanciest running shorts ever, and caught our eye for a second time with their newest running advertisement. 

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While the ad is aesthetically pleasing, there are a few fundamental issues with the actual running that’s pictured. Check this ad out for the super cool (but expensive) running clothes, but we wouldn’t recommend recreating this exact run for yourself. 

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Our first Trail Long Distance 10" Shorts are now available in our new signature hand splattered finish. Invented for trail running and long distance runs, these shorts are a combination of our 2 best-sellers, the Long Distance 3" Shorts (with its nutrition pockets) and the Short Distance 8" Shorts (with its iconic exposed lining and reflective signature RUN AWAY print). To eliminate friction during your run, the inseam is bonded and made of just one piece of fabric. We made the compressive lining of our proprietary Justice™️ fabric, and the shell is constructed of our Black Silk material. Like all our shorts, the Trail Long Distance 10" Shorts are taped with Framis™️ Technology, for chasing The High with no distractions.

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Don’t leave your car in the middle of no where

If you’re going on a really long run in a remote location, we don’t recommend ditching your very nice vehicle in a remote location that you might not be able to find again. 

There was no warm up at all

Not that you need to warm up before every run, but this guy takes off as soon as he gets out of his car. He opens the door and just takes off. Either he warmed up off camera or is one of the lucky few who don’t need to.

He doesn’t have anything with him

We see the runner start his workout in the sunshine and finish running into the night. He would probably need some water or a gel at this point. If you plan on running for hours on end, especially in the middle of no where, bring some fuel with you. 

If you’re running at night, bring a light

If you’re running in a city at night, you need a light to be seen. If you’re running in a remote location at night, you need a light to see where you’re going. Regardless, bring a light.